that’s human…

i buy 5 or 6 lipsticks and only ever use a couple of them, but i liked all the shades… weak… 😦


no i’m just too susceptible to colors, 🙂


hawking’s breakthrough starshot

so he even prepared a chinese version of the script, 🙂

Greetings to everybody in China from NYC. At the One World Observatory in New York City, Yuri Milner and I launched a mission to the stars. Mark Zuckerberg lent his support by joining the board of our new initiative, Breakthrough Starshot.

Within the next generation, Breakthrough Starshot aims to develop a ‘nanocraft’ – a gram-scale robotic space probe – and use a light beam to push it to 20 percent of the speed of light. If we are successful, a flyby mission could reach Alpha Centauri about 20 years after launch, and send back images of any planets discovered in the system.

Albert Einstein once imagined riding on a light beam, and his thought experiment led him to the theory of special relativity. A little over a century later, we have the chance to attain a significant fraction of that speed: 100 million miles an hour. Only by going that fast can we reach the stars on the time-scale of a human life.

It is exciting to be involved in such an ambitious project, pushing the boundaries of ingenuity and engineering.

我在纽约向中国的各位问好!在纽约城的一号楼观景台,我和尤里·米尔纳启动了“突破摄星”计划 (Breakthrough Starshot),马克·扎克伯格也加入了该计划的董事会,为“突破摄星”助一臂之力。

在一代人的时间内,“突破摄星”旨在研发出一台“纳米飞行器” —— 一台质量为克级的自动化太空探测器—— 并且通过光束把它推动到五分之一的光速。如果我们成功的话,这个飞掠任务将会在发射后二十年左右到达半人马座阿尔发星,并发送回来在那个星系中发现的行星的图片。



– S.H.收起全文

another life?

met a pretty girl at friend’s dinner, her name is lorraine;

just saw lorraine’s mini bio, she says “be kinder to yourself, as life is short; and be kinder to others, as you may not meet him again in another life.”

another life…


children of a lesser god

it’s late, worked on three trailers’ proof read, some of them were pretty old films, wonder what it’s for.

and there is one called children of a lesser god. i think i may go and find this one to watch.



good night brisbane, good night all people that are not asleep.